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Welcome to the photography side of Edit6. We pride ourselves on having creative and bespoke imagery for weddings, portraits and life events. 

We work on the principle that it is your event, not our photoshoot so we make sure we capture exactly what you want.

If you would like us to quote please fill in our contact form by clicking here.



We understand that you may not have all the details figured out, or want further advice when deciding on your requirements. When contacting us please can you give a rough idea of your vision, as this will help us to accommodate you.



Please, have a look around. 


We have photographed many events from weddings and special occasions, such as the beacon lighting for the 100th anniversary of the armistice, through to Bar/Bat-Mitzvah, engagement photos and fashion portraits.


Edit6 are versatile and reliable 


Some locations are important and special to couples. For example this Barn, the couple just loved it and I wanted to capture the bride inside it and make a beautiful image which shows her and the barn off.

Dramatic Images

I love a night shoot to create dramatic images with strong lighting to really enhance the emotions

Little moments

Capturing little moments and interactions between bride and groom which really show their personality is something which I think is great. Here they were sharing a private joke!


It was getting near the end of their engagement shoot and I thought that a silhouette would look really romantic. What makes it better is that the light which illuminates her face is reflected off his face.


A lot of the time very serious shots happen on these kinds of shoots. I think it is nice to mix it up a little and Ryan and Christina absolutely loved the idea of having some fun allowing them to express themselves a little more.

Formal Groups

Formal Groups are some of the most important pictures to be taken and I like to find a great location which allows for interesting group shots.


Fun and exciting Usher and Bridesmaid shots is something I really enjoy, and so do they!


I arrived early to go over any last changes before their party, while I was waiting I decided to get the flashes going and make a dramatic image of the Batman Cake. Thus, Bat-Cake was born!

Crazy Cake

It was at the start of the bat-mitzvah and I decided to get a great cake shot (as you can tell I like a good cake shot). This is make up of about 5 shots merged together to make the perfect image.

Proud Mother

This was a blink and you miss it moment when her daughter ran into her arms while celebrating her BatMitzvah.

Rob Dowler

Rob is a Jazz/Fusion/Hip Hop artist who wanted some new advertising pictures so we went out into Covent Garden. This image is a merge of two shots together to make one amazing portrait.


Head-shots are incredibly important, be it for business, corporate or acting (as Ryan's here is). We make sure you get a good range of head-shots and that you are happy with the results.


I love working within a theme. They give a style and lend themselves to great and interesting shots.

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