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Graduations and Large Groups

I have spent the last month travelling around Wales and England photographing graduation ceremonies, as well as some honourees and even a few large groups.

Starting with University of South Wales (USW) where some ceremony photos of graduates getting their degrees confirmed form one of the Chancellors. I also took some of the Honouree doctorate portraits. USW is a nice university to work at as the staff are friendly and the university like to help those contracted to work on site.

Next was Aberystwyth, where I was taking the ceremony photos and large faculty groups which was a little different as arranging around 200 students becomes almost the same as herding cats. Having said that I did enjoy the process and it was nice to be challenged and pushed in new ways.

Finally I then headed down to London where I was taking the ceremony photographs for LSE. This was interesting as the university has some very distinguished alumni yet seems to have a set of graduates who all seemed to not know what to do with themselves. I am sure they will be fine and discover their true calling, it was just interesting to see that they (as a collective of the ones I spoke to) seemed to be unsure what to do now they had graduated. On the other hand, LSE do have lovely coloured robes.

All pictures here were taken by myself but are owned by Tempest Photography

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