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Ryan's Themed Shoot

Hello Portraits and headshot don't have to be boring, or 'normal'. Instead, they can create a life and world of their own. A really nice way of doing this is to have a themed photoshoot. We think of children parties, and Bar/Bat-Mitzvah's having themes to them, some weddings manage it. Why not have a themed portrait shoot. Let us say you are organising a James Bond themed event, you could have some standard portraits taken and then do something like this:

Quite striking, and a little different to your normal portrait

I know what you are thinking.

You: Why is the gun blue? Well the gun is blue because it is an Airsoft gun and the law says so. This picture also looks great in Black and White to get a more Film Noir look:

The black and white of this image really hides the blue part of gun

There is a variety of ways this can be played and its all about how you want to play your theme. This shoot is only one example, I had the pleasure of photographing an incredibles themed party and we posed the family like the incredibles and the guests round them like bad guys. Have a look at the other images from this themed shoot to see how I played this theme. I hope you like them and until next time.

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